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Department of Physical Planning

The department of Physical Planning is responsible for spatial planning in Zambia. Spatial planning in Zambia is guided by the Urban and Regional Planning Act No 3 of 2015 of the laws of Zambia (Act attached). Spatial planning is concerned with the allocation of land to different uses so as to achieve the maximum level of efficiency in terms of land utilisation as well as accessibility to various services. The Act provides for procedures and guidelines for the zoning and development of land, planning permission, protection and use of the environment, and the design of the urban environment. It is basically the guidance and control of development to ensure that the right kind of building goes in the right place.

The department is oversees the operations of all Provincial and Local Planning Authorities. Any issues and/or disputes arising from the Planning Authorities are forwarded to the provincial Planning Appeals Tribunal which are the Authority of planning related disputes.

Departmental Vision

To attain an orderly, co-coordinated, sustainable land use development of human settlements and balanced regional development.

Departmental Objective

To promote orderly, co-coordinated and sustainable development of human settlements.